Fed up of seeing the same faces?

Antiquoted connects business writers, podcasters, and event organizers with new voices and fresh faces. 

Looking for quotes, speakers or podcast guests?

Find new experts with something to say on a range of business topics. Uncover people with fresh perspectives and subject matter expertise to feature in articles, podcasts, or events.


How Antiquoted helps

Got something to say on your favourite business topic?

Build a name for yourself and enhance your personal brand. Create a contributor profile for free and get invited to provide quotes for articles, feature as a guest on podcasts, or speak at events.


How Antiquoted helps

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Antiquoted is a website where business writers, podcast hosts and event organisers go to find new voices to feature in their work.

People who want to feature in articles, podcasts and events can join Antiquoted for free and create a contributor profile which lists their expertise, experience and the type of media opportunities they are interested in. This helps media people find the right contributors for their projects.

Media people can then invite contributors to participate in their project – whether that’s providing a quote for a blog post or article, being a guest on a podcast episode or speaking at an event or conference.

The contributor has the choice to accept the invitation (and go on to arrange the details) or decline the invitation. 

Currently Antiquoted is in Beta (it’s not fully ready) and so, is free for everyone. In the future we plan to charge media people to use Antiquoted.  

Katie Kelly, a freelance B2B content and PR consultant who got fed up with seeing the same faces in media or worse, all male panels.

Rather than moaning about it she decided to try to fix the problem by making it easier for media people to find new voices who have something to say, and by removing the barriers to entry for new voices to be discovered and heard. 

If you are a media person, Antiquoted will help you find amazing new sources across a range of business topics. It saves you an incredible amount of time trying to find people with specific subject matter expertise. Plus you can talk directly to the person – we don’t support PR representation so you’ll connect directly with the expert. 

If you are a business professional, Antiquoted will help you get your name out there, without the need of a PR person to promote you. Get offered opportunities to share your knowledge and opinion across blogs, media sites, podcasts and events. All for free.

You don’t. We only support accounts set up and owned by the individual themselves. Please ask your client to create their own contributor profile on Antiquoted.